Turn it Up 2014!

Elements of Funk is constantly evolving. In 2013 we said goodbye to our guitar player Vince Vasquez and said hello to our newest member, Deshawn Witherspoon. Having a bass player like Deshawn has added a new feel to EOF and we really appreciate it. So what do we have in store for 2014?

1) We are audidioning guitar players so that we can become a 5 piece to round out the group
2) We're adding new songs!
3) We'll be heading back to the studio to record some new tunes with our friend Steve Filpansick at his studio (The Crap Shack)
4) We're shooting video to add to our Youtube page https://www.youtube.com/eofvids
5) Updating pics and info on all of our sites! 
6) Booking more shows!
We'll keep you posted so check back often. - Eric 


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